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Hot water is a necessity in most households, especially during the winter months in Ohio! That’s why it is important to make sure that your water heater works properly. Unfortunately, when a water heater breaks, it doesn’t always give many warning signs. Sometimes, water heaters can just stop working suddenly, whereas other times, you might notice problems for a while, such as varying water temperature, reduced water flow, increased time to heat water, or even smelly or dis coloured water. There are many possible causes of broken water heaters, such as faulty heating elements, wear and tear, or sediment buildup. If your water heater starts to malfunction, don’t hesitate to call or email us to schedule plumbing services in Akron today. Whether your water heater has a minor issue or requires emergency repairs, we will connect you with a 24-hour plumber to help you out!

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It can be very frustrating if your water heater suddenly stops working on a cold winter night when you are in the shower. Even worse, in some cases, you may need emergency water heater repairs to prevent fire risks!

In this kind of situation, you may need an emergency plumber for prompt repairs. That’s where our Akron Emergency Plumbing team comes in. Our services are available 24 hours per day, including weekends and holidays, and we will get you connected with an emergency plumber in no time.

In some cases, there could be major issues behind your malfunctioning water heater, so it is always best to call a professional for your water heater repairs!

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